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In the wake of the criticisms, oppositions and protests trailing the declaration of Israel as a Jewish Nation, here are a few things you need to know about this declaration:


  • The declaration conforms to the UN Charter which gives every nation the exclusive prerogative, reserve and right to structure its laws in a way and manner that best suits the interest of the greater percentage of its people. Many examples of this abound and these include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Iran, Iraq etc who have their constitutions modeled in the framework of the Sharia law and declare Arabic as their official language despite the minority Christian, Buddhist and Atheist population in the region.
  • As a 70 year-old independent nation with over 2000 years of unadulterated history, Israel reserves the right to pursue policies and legislation that affirms her existence, promotes her identity and the values most cherished by the majority of its people.
  • Israel as a nation in no way plans to exhume and adorn the regalia of apartheid.
  • The declaration in no way tampers with or infringes upon the existing rights of the minority people in the region rather it seeks to legally define in clear terms what is already obtainable within the region.
  • Israel still believes strongly in peaceful coexistence and has only by virtue of her actions, taken a bold step to spell into law what has been obtainable as an age-long reality.
  • The procedures and processes employed that birthed this declaration are well within the ambits and stipulations of the guiding principles of democracy; thus the only surviving and healthy democracy (democratic state) in the Middle-East.
  • The declaration in no way attempts to amputate the rights of minorities or drive them towards the brink of extinction but to simply define explicitly what the nation of Israel is, what it was and what it forever will be – A Jewish State.

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