Civil Rights International is an establishment with the resolve of fighting various injustices in and around the world. We have as our objectives the following:

  • To fight against perceived discrimination against any sector, group or individuals in the society.
  • We operate by the principle or notion of equality of all human race including able and disabled persons. That is, ‘live and let live’.
  • Freedom of worship for all.
  • Respect for sovereignty of all recognized States.
  • We advocate against any government policy which is antagonistic to humanity in general. That is, those policies which overtly or covertly infringe on the rights of individuals by way of economy, social, religious or politics.
  • We operate by the notion of individual freedom and fundamental human rights for all while also ensuring that we do not have a lacuna such that we give rights to an individual and at the same time take away the rights of another. For this reason, we take pride in defining rights as “that which stops where another person’s rights begins.” This informs our firm stance that homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children because children have rights. They have rights to be raised in a home of male dad and female mum. It would be somewhat traumatic for a child to be raised by two males being addressed as dad and mum or two females addressed as mum and dad. This on its own is discrimination of the highest magnitude.

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