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Most countries in the world dream of having a real leader who stands up and fights for their national interest on major global issues, creates jobs and improves the economy. In the United States however, the reverse seems to be the case. Four/five years ago the U. S was on the verge of being submerged by a fast growing Chinese economy. Today however, Trump has relaunched the U. S into a mega trading economic conscious nation. The economy is stronger than ever; jobs are being created and the rocket man in North Korea is suddenly showing some respect. But for the naysayers in U. S., this is hardly enough. They would use any cheap blackmail to tarnish the image of this remarkable patriot; just to get him out of office.

First it was the Russia collusion story, then they switched to the “pornstar” Stormy Daniels story and now they want to do the two at same time. The mainstream media are never tired! While most countries in the world yearn for a real patriotic leader who would put their nation first, these people in U. S. inexplicably slander, witch-hunt and libel a President who means well for them.

It’s evident that the U.S. justice system is flawed. The Courts have become a cheap instrument for a liberal witch-hunt. Cases are sensationally tried in the media; with the accused declared guilty even before the jury decides. It’s sad how the media has degenerated to this especially with the Paul Manafort trial. It’s also sad how the U.S. justice system has truncated the sacredness of the Attorney/Client privilege and right to the sixth amendment all in a desperate bid to frame President Trump for a crime with the way and manner they broke into Michael Cohen’s office.  And despite Cohen’s testimony lacking in evidence to tie President Trump to any wrong doing, these desperadoes still find it convenient and necessary to speculate and coerce the accused for a plea deal to say Trump did it. This is sad and very sad of the once revered number one justice system in the world; reputed to be the best, if not the best where justice is not only seen as served, but done.

It’s difficult to understand why an advanced society like the United States would find it so difficult to recognize a real leader who means well for them. Assuming the Stormy Daniels story is true as with the Cohen case, does that really change anything? Does it change the fact that Mr. Trump is the only U.S. President that has earned real international respect with few months in office? Does that change the fact that the U.S economy and stock has hit an unprecedented high; with jobs doubling?  In truth and honesty, if the U. S. are sick of having a real leader lead, it would be best if they tried a Mr. Bean for President. A word is enough for the wise. The rise and fall of the United States is their hands.

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