The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a 34-count charge against Donald Trump that would see him imprisoned for life if convicted. 

Donald Trump, 76, is now accused of possessing “classified” documents ten months after the FBI abruptly raided his secured Mar-a-Lago home like uniformed robbers. Within the ten months, multiple classified documents have equally been discovered in the family home of Joe Biden, his former office, and at the back of the former Senator’s 1967 Corvette. Joe Biden faces no charge.

A cursory analysis of the document reveals how the DOJ ignores the US Constitution, the Presidential Records Act, and its previous position on White House document handling which grants permission for presidents to lawfully hold and keep personal records received in the line of duty at the expiration of office. 

These presidential personal copies are by no means subject to politically tainted reviews by appointed party stooges.

In a court of credible competence, all 34-count fall flat on its face when held against these laws. 

Sadly,  America’s courts are as rotten as the party that governs them. 

The Justice Department—which has continued to turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Russian disinformation campaign, decade-long pedophile ring, and criminal spy escapades on Donald Trump—stitched together several staged photos and multiple passing statements of Donald Trump as “indictment evidence.”

The timing of the announcement oddly coincides with shocking verified evidence of President Joe Biden’s receipt of a $5 million bribe in 2018 from Ukraine. Ironically, a Trump presidency in 2024 will mean the end of a lucrative war business for Ukrainian president, Zelensky, who recently disclosed such fears given Trump’s promise to end the war in 24 hours if elected. 

Trump’s 74,223,975 votes in the 2020 election remains the highest ever by a sitting president in U. S. history

Together with retrieved laptop emails from 2019 confirming a decade-long family-wide corruption racket by Biden and his sons, many believe the news of the recent Trump indictment is aimed at shifting focus and eliminating the biggest threat to the Democrat web of corruption and destruction across America.

With over $75 billion now laundered by Joe Biden in the Ukrainian war, altogether with the White House approval of chemical castration, human genital mutilation, and the proliferation of sexually exploited minors and drug cartel illegal migrants at the border, America has become a corrupt, infested, harbinger of human destruction under Democrats. 

Trump, by the indictment, has been marked as a target by corrupt Democrats. Until genuine Americans rise bravely to defend their God-given rights, there will be no freedom and justice in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

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