This Saturday, London will, once again, become swarmed with a herd of morally depraved perverts. Naked and without shame, these irresponsible perverts will cycle around the city brandishing their private body parts and visually assaulting passersby and young children, all to raise climate change awareness. 

It is not the first time naked bikers will create an uncomfortable scene. Now in its 19th edition, a similar parade drew global criticism, last year, with many decrying the rapid erosion of decency, moral uprightness, and self-dignity in Western countries.

According to Section 5 of the 1983 Public Order Act, public nudity is illegal in the UK once undertaken with the potential to harass, alarm, or cause distress. Stephen Gough was arrested for simply parading the length of England naked in 2005. How lawmakers and the police agree a swarm of nude cyclists in public places now constitutes neither distress, alarm nor harassment to onlookers, especially kids, is a befuddled disgrace — or better still a reflection of the depth of moral depravity in society.

London, over the last few decades, has become a harbinger of some of the world’s most disgusting atrocities as core Christian values are eclipsed by lewd unbridled immorality. 

Once hailed as the last standing pinnacle of decency, selflessness, and moral uprightness; politics, cowardice, and wokeness have now dislodged the Anglican Church of England from its long-held reputation for holiness. With a kowtowing ArchBishop as Head, pedophiles and proud practitioners of sexual perversion are granted leeway into the church to replace God’s laws with men’s lust. 

With a thousand and one other decent ways to protest, it is safe to say what has been disguised as a climate change march is simply another public attempt to reinforce sexual perversion in society—especially among kids who have become endangered species in the hands of a growing gender transition cult. 

Rishi Sunak and all honorable MPs must do well to rid the UK of uncensored public nudity, and pedophilia openly propagated through legislative loopholes. 

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