24,000! That’s how many bodies the Gaza Health Ministry-— or Hamas PR arm—claim as casualties since Israel commenced retaliatory efforts following the October 7th Hamas massacre. With no mass graves, no overwhelmed morgues, no eyewitness accounts, and certainly no official hospital records, Gaza has managed to fling this perfectly rounded exaggeration as valid in the face of millions of Islamic extremists and terrorist apologists, courtesy of propaganda-laden antisemitic media outlets like Al-Jazeera.

Four months ago, an organized network of Hamas terrorists within and outside Israel, launched the most brutal terror attack on Israel since its independence. The attacks which shook the world had over 1200 murdered with 400 others captured. A compilation of CCTV, body cam footage, and viral posts by Hamas terrorists show infants murdered in their cradles, women raped, gauged, and beheaded as well as many other cruel forms of torture carried out by Hamas.

A global outcry for a ceasefire, mostly fuelled by terrorist apologists in Western countries, has continued to intensify since Israel launched retaliatory attacks on Hamas terrorists. Ironically, Hamas has broken one ceasefire and rejected another over the last twelve weeks.

Ashraf Al Qudra, the Gaza Health spokesperson further broke the figures as comprising 6,150 children, 4000 women, and another 6500 missing without mention of eliminated Hamas terrorists. When accosted with a lack of confidence in the veracity of the claims, Hamas hurriedly put together over 6,000 names as “proof.”

Fibbing ‘Freedom Fighters’

Over the course of the conflict, Hamas has launched over 10,000 rockets and a barrage of propaganda, many of which have resulted in self-destruction, just like its rockets.

For weeks, it continued to deny the presence of a multi-billion dollar underground terror tunnel network until Israel gained control of the central Gaza area and exposed them.

In November, the long-held suspicion of a complex terror network command under Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, was finally proven even after weeks of effort by Hamas to counter the intelligence with propaganda.

UN Implicated

Israel’s operation in Gaza further uncovers suspected ties between the officials of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Hamas terrorists, implicating the Antonio Gutterrez-led global body in its support of terrorists in the conflict.

The UN officially condemned Israel for the 14th time in 2023 and called for a ceasefire last month. 66% of all UN resolutions in 2023 were focused on attacking Israel, citing unverified casualties parroted by Hamas.

Given the choice of terror over development and quality of life improvement, it’s unsurprising to see that Hamas has a counting problem. However, it is more despicable to see the UN and other radicalized antisemites defy logic and reasoning to latch on to Hamas lies.

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