Congratulations remain in order for US leading presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who soared to sweet victory, yesterday, at the Republican primary elections in Iowa.

Trump, who contested against former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida State governor Ron De Santis and first-time contestant Vivek Ramaswamy, broke US electoral primary record for the largest margin win after securing victory with over 30-point margin across all 99 counties in Iowa.

An all cheerful Trump thanked his supporters right after victory, pledging once again to undo the ravaging consequences of Biden’s recklessness even as left-wing media stumbled over words to label his growing influence within the party.

Stunned by the victory, dozens of left-wing media houses including CNN and MSNBC refused to air Trump’s victory speech, choosing rather to broadcast distant 2nd-place Ron De Santis in a fashion reminiscent of barbaric power struggles and vendetta schemes popular amongst dictatorship-ridden nations without respect for rule of law. Vituperative MSNBC show host, Joyce Reid, could hide no disgust, choosing rather to throw a laughable blame for Trump’s success on Iowa’s predominantly Christian leaning.

Trump headed afterwards to New York in another civil case appearance as the trio of Jack Smith, Fani Willis, and Letitia James carried on in their judicial witchhunt as part of the Democrat oppression tactics in the build up to the polls.

With the caucus election now concluded, Democrats continue to fear a Trump return even as hundreds of millions of Americans view Biden’s economic disaster and the desecration of the US border enough reasons to kick out Democrats later this year.

Currently, only 27% of Americans would vote for Democrats. This is a historic low even for a party so far at the helm of destabilization in Trump’s brokered peace in the Middle East, war in Europe, a borders crisis involving thousands of military-age illegal migrants and unvetted extremists.

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