Traditional Rulers from Northern Nigeria Honours Hezekiah

Traditional Rulers from Northern Nigeria Honours Hezekiah


His Grace, Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah (MFR) was on Sunday 24th April, 2016 bestowed the honour, “ANNEPI MAGAJIN ALLAH” (The Prophet of the Most High God) by a delegation of eminent traditional rulers from the 3 Geo-Political zones in Northern Nigeria.

The award which was presented by a host of traditional rulers also had in attendance His Royal Highness Mallam Adamu Alkali as well as His Royal Highness Maiwada Galadima.

While presenting the award, the guests showered encomium on Professor Hezekiah whom they described as a genuine philanthropist. They lauded Professor Hezekiah for his gesture of rebuilding a mosque for Muslims razed by fire at Bridge Head, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria.

Ordinarily, he could have rejoiced that the mosque got burnt as this would have served a veritable opportunity for Muslims in his community to jettison their religion and join his religion and church since they have no place of worship, but instead, he deemed it wise and accommodating to rather rebuild their place of worship for them; thereby demonstrating the notion of freedom of worship and live and let live!

The ceremony which took place at the 75,000 capacity temple of Living Christ Mission in Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria also witnessed the confirmation of an honour “Sarauniya Salama” (Queen of Peace) earlier bestowed on Daddy Hezekiah’s adopted daughter Princess Chukwunazaekpere Hezekiah for her exemplary life of holiness to youths in world at large.

Reactively, Professor Hezekiah who holds academic qualification in numerous disciplines including Industrial Chemistry from University of Zambia as well as Phd in Business Administration and Communication Arts/ Public Administration admonished the traditional rulers to strive to honour God in all they do, bearing in mind that life itself is vanity and man is just but a breath.

Also at the ceremony, representatives of the family of Prince Bello Ado Bayero (son to the late Emir of Kano) recognized Professor Hezekiah for his humanitarian works while the elites from Kaduna clamoured for him to visit Kaduna state.

At the ceremony, a boy, Makuochukwu Azukaego who was declared blind by Opticians and Consultants at Guinness Eye Hospital (Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital) in Anambra, Nigeria (with verifiable records of proof) was presented to all; having received his sight back through the prayers of Daddy Hezekiah.

Also at the ceremony, testimonies were shared of a woman who died in a hospital in London, United Kingdom, only to be mysteriously raised from death via a mobile phone call from Daddy Hezekiah while staff were in the process of depositing the corpse in the mortuary. There was also testimonies from people who received healing by mere calling of the name of Jesus seven (7) or twenty one (21) times into a cup of water and drinking (i.e, water not given by Daddy Hezekiah). This therapy was prescribed by Daddy Hezekiah who is reputed to have done mighty things through the name of Jesus despite enormous geographical distance.

It would be recalled that His Grace, Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah was invited during his days as a student in Zambia by then President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda to pray for him and his cabinet following widespread news of miracles done by him.

To catch up on all Daddy Hezekiah has done, please read the Citation done by event managers at the award presentation of Daddy Hezekiah by the traditional rulers from northern Nigeria beneath this post. The event was also covered by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). You can also visit the site for more.

Remarks: The strange thing about this man who destroys charms, shrines and deities through Jesus name, is that he is single (married to Christ; without any skeleton in his cupboard as you would read below). He also chose a life of solitude by habitually locking himself in a room to commune with God. Quite remarkable story this is. His motor is holy living, righteousness and salvation.

Citation – His Grace, Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah

Professor Daddy Hezekiah, whose biological name is Victor Obi Onukogu, was born at Calabar to late Nze Obadiah Onokugu, a British trained superintendent of Police and Da Mary Onukogu, both of Nkwerre in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State. He was famously bestowed the name Hezekiah at baptism, while the name Daddy has its etymology from his heroics, philanthropy and teaching at Inland Girls Secondary School.

At birth, he came as a comforter to his parents especially the mother who had suffered infant mortality. He was plump and very healthy but was later struck by strange illness which made the hairs on the scalp to fall off. By divine intervention, Victor was healed.  Though born into a wealthy home, his desire to serve the living God provoked his father then an idol worshiper to deprive him of basic necessities of life.

In 1967, while Victor was playing football with his peers opposite his father’s compound, he heard a thunderous voice which ordered him to abandon the football. Victor obeyed the voice, ran upstairs, got a 20 leafs exercise book and wrote down all the voice had to tell him as he was instructed. It was the Lord who called him as he did to the biblical Samuel. Henceforth, Victor knew his mission on earth. It is worthy of note that before 1967, Victor had been a Christian and was unconsciously performing miracles as he used his saliva and sand to heal his friends who sustain injuries in the course of playing football.

Victor’s academic résumé include study at Saint Augustine’s Grammar School Nkwerre, Imo State for his secondary educational as well as a Bachelor of Science honours Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Zambia in 1979. Victor in recent times have also studied and acquired Masters Degree in over five disciplines including Business Management, Accounting and Statistics. He is a Professor in Christian Management (2007), Professor of Material and Human Management (2006), Professor of Theology (2005), PhD in Communication Arts and Public Administration (2002), Diploma in Business Administration (1997), PhD in Business Administration (1997), PhD in Public Administration (1997), Dr. of Divinity (DD) in 1993.While in Zambia as a student, Victor distinguished himself among students so much so that they gave him the honour of being the first foreigner to lead the students’ Christian association. His fame, miracles, teachings and life style of holiness, righteousness and salvation soon spread; attracting the attention of the then President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda who invited Victor to pray for him and his Cabinet.

On completion of his study in Zambia, Victor proceeded for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 1981 at Inland Girls Secondary School, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. He would later be retained; attaining the rank of Vice–Principal Academics and serving at Inland Girl’s Secondary School, Onitsha, Girls’ High School, Nkwelle-Ezunaka and Umuleri High School (Tech), Umuleri, before proceeding on voluntary retirement.

Daddy as he became popularly known at Inland Girls Secondary School started his ministry following numerous miracles at the school which include raising the dead as well as his destruction of a powerful shrine in his place abode in Anambra, State.

Following persecution of his followers in Anglican church, Daddy later established the Church, Living Christ Mission; also destroying powerful deities in an evil forest where nobody dares go and where twins were thrown away in his hometown Umugara, Nkwerre, Imo State to erect his Church.

Daddy’s Philanthropic Résumé

As a matter of empirical fact, Daddy Hezekiah’s philanthropy cannot be captured in words. Below is a brief overview:

He rebuilt a mosque for Muslims razed by fire at Head Bridge, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria in 1997.

He donated 30, 000 dollars to the United States Government during the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

He donated 20, 000 dollars to the Israeli Government in their fight against terrorism.

He donated a 3.5 million naira Information and Communication Technology Centre to the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Anambra State chapter of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK) on 14th April, 2005.

He donated five hundred and fifty thousand naira (#550,000.00) to IBC Owerri, Imo State.

He used the sum of two hundred thousand naira (#200,000.00) to refurbish and furnish the NUJ library, Imo State, which is now named after him.

He refurbished the Isiokwe Police Station, Inland town, Onitsha at the cost of two hundred and three thousand, seven hundred fifty naira (#203, 750.00) in the year 1999.

He donated to the Anambra State Government after the mayhem in which many Government buildings were set ablaze.

Daddy Hezekiah is known to have donated money generously to Nigerians in times of communal crises/war such as the Umuleri/Aguleri communal war.

He is a philanthropist with thousands on his scholarship list including university Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D degree programs.

He build’s houses for the poor; pays hospital bills for the impoverished, feeds thousands on daily basis.

He built the first private university in Imo, south east Nigeria and has made the school fees the lowest ever amongst private universities in Nigeria.

Daddy Hezekiah has also kept his promise of giving a 50 million naira scholarship award to the 500 pioneer students of his university, Hezekiah University, Umudi amounting to 100, 000 naira each for the students and has also habitually paid his lecturers on consistent monthly basis without defaulting since inception of the university.

Honours Bestowed on Daddy Hezekiah

[To be continued…]

Gentlemen and women, it is this great man (His Grace, Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah) we have come to celebrate and recognize today; a man who deemed it wise to rebuild a mosque for Muslims in his place of abode despite being of a different religion. Ordinarily, he could have rejoiced that the mosque got burnt as it would have served a veritable opportunity for Muslims in his community to jettison their religion and join his religion and church since they have no place of worship, but instead, he deemed it wise and accommodating to rather rebuild their place of worship for them; thereby demonstrating the notion of freedom of worship and live and let live! For these obvious aforementioned reasons, we therefore make bold to pronounce and confer on you (Daddy Hezekiah) that which Your Maker has already bestowed on you. Daddy Hezekiah, on behalf of the Traditional Rulers of Northern Nigeria, we pronounce you this day the 24th of April, 2016 ANNEPI MAGAJIN ALLAH – The Prophet of the Most High God!



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