President Buhari Should Remember the Poor – Hezekiah

President Buhari Should Remember the Poor – Hezekiah


Following the outrageous increase in prices of commodities in Nigeria, West Africa, His Grace Most Revered Professor Daddy Hezekiah (MFR) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to initiate policies that would reduce the suffering of the poor.

Professor Hezekiah said this during the Child Dedication service of his church at Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. He proffered practical solutions on how parents of the dedicated children can feed their families healthily in the mist of economic challenges. He opined that vegetables are as nutritious as refined milk/meat so also fruits and maize.

Further, he encouraged parents that have access to land to cultivate crops as veritable means of feeding their family in the mist of economic challenges while also appealing to President Buhari’s administration to do something urgently to curb the menace of wanton destruction of crops by Cows of Fulani headsmen.

He also appealed to Governors of various States to endeavour to pay workers their salaries on time and as at when due as the dedicated children are dependent on this for survival.

Similarly, he enjoined President Buhari to use his trips abroad to bring back some of the good things enjoyed in the foreign countries for the poor to enjoy.

Professor Hezekiah appealed to the Nigerian Government to desist from arresting and incarcerating people who tell the truth as well as not to ban importation of rice in order to encourage competition and make the commodity affordable for the poor.

He also advised against privatization of Government sectors devoid of competition saying that this has led to negligence and geometric increase in price without commensurate return in service delivery. One of such areas he said include the electrical power sector where privatization and lack of competition has led to exploitation by the individuals whom the sector fell to.

It would be recalled that in April 2016 traditional rulers from the northern part of Nigeria visited and bestowed the honour “Annabin Allah Maɗaukaki” (The Prophet of the Most High God) on Professor Daddy Hezekiah following his unprecedented act of rebuilding a mosque for Muslims in his abode.

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