Touts and the dreaded illegal revenue collectors in Anambra State can simply be addressed and described as the ‘Fourth Arm of Government’ in the State. The activities of these mindless fellows are becoming worrisome and their reign of terror on many helpless hard-working citizens struggling to survive on daily basis is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

Prior to the election of Governor Chukwuma Soludo, Anambrarians had cried out with specific references to extortion, harassment, multiple and illegal revenue collection. Then Soludo was seen as one who would give these dreaded vampires the fight needed to tame their aggressiveness. The turning of Anambra into a Dubai-Taiwan model preached by Governor Soludo gave hope of a new dawn to the people. Citizens expressed joy in anticipation of a Soludo administration that would break the jinx on these nefarious activities which had defied successive governments’ control efforts. Commentators, Musicians, Comedians, and other people of goodwill praised the Governor excessively in anticipation of the actions he would take as an erudite professor and economist that he is.

Fast forward to July 1, 2022, the governor came up with a plan, with effect from that date, where he abolished all illegal revenue collections in the state and presented a new digital tax regime and levy collection for markets, motorist, roads, parks etcetera with a promise to make Anambra a reference point and a model to other states. These lofty ideas seemed promising and Anambrarians waited earnestly for the new system and there is nothing to show for it after 20 months.

The news from Anambra State today with respect to the activities of louts is unbecoming of the Light of the Nation. From Keke drivers, truck drivers, motorists, to vegetable sellers and to the generality of the people, the story is that of misery and excruciating pains and agony. THIS IS NOT THE ANTICIPATED SOLUDO SOLUTION AND THE DUBAI-TAIWAN promised model. The illegality perpetuated by these fellows on daily basis needs to be hauled. LET THE CITIZENS BREATHE.

Smashing of windscreen, side mirrors, molestations and all manner of crude methodology have been the approach of these fellows who are acting under the direct supervision of the state government. Aside the threats and daily harassments, citizens pay revenues on several fronts daily ranging from but not limited to : daily tickets, daily toll ticket, morning levy, afternoon levy, evening Levy, park and pay, cargo tickets, and more on residents, transporters, business owners. Unfortunately some of these payments are not ticketed and the big question is if such payments actually get to the state purse.

As a matter of urgency, Governor Soludo should address this issue and these re-branded louts and touts should be trained and re-trained on human approach to public service while also sanitizing the revenue collection system so as to not inflict more hardship and excruciating pains on the already stressed-out citizens under this harsh and challenging environment.


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