The Question About Israel/Palestine

The Question About Israel/Palestine

We crave the indulgence of the International community to kindly consider the following in soliciting for a lasting peace in the Israel/Palestine crisis:

1. The significance of the ancient cylinder with revealing message which was examined by CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour (Please refer to the link) click here. This cylinder which has since been accepted by notable democracies of the world as the bedrock of democracy, constitutionalism and political accommodation should be accorded similar acceptance in negotiating peace between Israel/Palestine. The masterpiece which was made popular by Cyrus of Persia clearly reveals through the freedom of the Jews and the mandate given to them by King Cyrus as with the message on the cylinder that they are the true owners of Jerusalem. What further proof does the world need?

2. Again, the argument for a return to the pre-1967 border structure is flawed because if we are to tour this line of argument it will yet again leave us with the inevitable truth because we will have to consider all the territories that were also conquered by past Kings of Israel (B.C) which stretches to territories that exceed the present land space being occupied by Israel today.

The EU is a strong force in the world and as such must refrain from issuing unguided or biased statements. It is important that they understand that the assassination of a Jewish Rabbi while praying in the temple is a barbaric and inhumane act in comparison with the death of any in Gaza where the two nations are at war. The world is watching and whatever you decide is capable of reducing or enhancing the tension, but the truth is the best and it calls for objectivity.


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