Strategic Genocide In Nigeria West Africa

It’s a strategic genocide, a coordinated attempt to drastically annihilate Christian soldiers, especially southerners“ in Nigeria. Those were the words of Chidi who witnessed firsthand, the massacre of his colleagues on camp by insurgents. Call it bluffs, label it baseless; the mere fact that you fail to believe this reality does not in any way eradicate the existence of this “coordinated genocide ” in Nigeria .

More often than not, hundreds of southern #Christian soldiers in the Nigerian Army are deployed to insurgency-torn areas to battle with one of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups, the #BokoHaram Sect in the Northern part of the country, with little or no knowledge of the terrain, glaring language which breeds communication deficiency and inadequate #Armory as well as provisions to sustain their mission in order to effectively combat the enemy. While it is not in any way a humanitarian crime to deploy soldiers for peace keeping or territory reclamation missions, the method of selection is unarguably suspicious as antecedent records have shown an increasing pattern of favoritism and lopsidedness in deployment with the margins widely favoring #Northern soldiers than #Southern soldiers .
Southern soldiers in northern terrain are an easy prey for attack by extremists and terrorists and the increasing inclusion of a greater percentage of such soldiers in deployments defy basic logic, rubbishes strategy, deliberately and carelessly endangers lives thus leading to avoidable deaths and dwindling confidence in the Nigerian Army .

The efforts of relevant bodies and concerned parties such as Christian Association of Nigeria , #Bishops#Priests and #Prophets, Christian ministers, OHA NA EZE NDI IGBO CULTURE AND TRADITON , South- south rulers, South-West leaders, the international community and other humanitarian agencies, are called upon to decry this act of wickedness which has resulted in massacres, orphaned children, widowed spouses and a low patriotic spirit amongst soldiers.

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