The declaration of Gboyega Oyetola as the winner of the Osun state gubernatorial after the rerun election by INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION(INEC) amidst widely spread reports of #Violence#Forceful #Disenfranchisement of voters, vote buying and intimidation by security operatives is the latest in a series of clannishness and brute rape of the country’s infant democracy by the country’s ruling party – All Progressives Congress – APC .

The modus operandi of the #APC in the just concluded polls is consistent with the reported abuse of power in the #Ekiti polls few months ago that saw the use of security operatives as tentacles for the advancement of selfish political wills, thus imposing on the threatened masses a candidate that does not represent the choice of the populace.

Several international observers from the #UK#US and #EU attest to this via direct observation and this puts a question mark on the quest for credibility in the forth coming 2019 national elections as #nepotism#intimidation, #violence, grand #rigging#bribery and #corruption are the weapons adopted in the armory of the APC to forcefully return themselves to power amidst the heightening resentment and unpopularity of the party in the country.

Clearly, the APC has become everything and even worse than what they criticized the PDP of when it was in power.

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