Global criticisms continue to flood the UN Human Rights Council’s actions, on Monday, after Pakistani’s Representative to the UN, Zaman Mehdi called for a one-minute silence in honour of thousands murdered in Israel.

The Ambassador who spoke on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) labeled the land of Israel as “occupied Palestinian territory,” thus excusing Hamas terrorism as a reaction to the existence of Israel.

The UNHRC, had in 2022 rejected Afghanistan and Venezuela’s application citing gross violations of human rights. Today, it is chaired by Ali Bahraini, an Ambassador of Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The European Union described Bahraini’s appointment as a “slap in the face given the human rights situation of most Iranians.” Monday’s actions may well signify the first outward signs of a Human Rights Council now fully controlled by merchants of terror and the vilest violators on earth.

Israel in 2005, had conceded over 92% of West Bank in an agreement for Peace which was rejected by Palestine. The rejection, many believe, exposes Palestinian leaders and its terrorist arm, Hamas, as a people widely indoctrinated towards the total extinction of the Jews.

Over the last 18 years, Gaza has received trillions of dollars in Humanitarian aid but has failed to build the most basic social amenities for its people. Until yesterday, Israel had constantly supplied food, water, and electricity to Gaza and Hamas. The IDF has now seized those supplies in an attempt to force civilian exit out of Gaza while it confronts Hamas.

Following the aftermath of the Oct 7th terror attack, thousands of terrorist apologists lined the streets of London, France, Sydney, and Canada chanting “death to Jews”, “gas the Jews”, and “from the river to the sea Palestinians will be free.” In New York, a section of protesters waved Nazi swastikas in a dangerous ode to Hitler who murdered six million Jews between 1941 and 1945.

In the face of growing violence and terrorist genocide, the UNHRC has lost its credibility and must now be disbanded to salvage global destruction.

UN Member States are encouraged to support Israel as she looks to put an end to Hamas, just like ISIS.

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