Hours after fresh evidence indicting US President Joe Biden of a $250,000 Chinese bribe payment, the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, announced a new fraud charge against Trump. The coincidence of timing is consistent with the last four court cases brought against Trump all within moments of increasing revelation into the corruption surrounding the Biden family.

The New York Appeal Court, yesterday, rejected Trump’s appeal for an extension of time for a set Monday trial, after ordering the revocation of Trump’s business licenses as a punishment.

AG Letitia James, a far-left criminal judge who made persecuting Trump her chief campaign promise, defied judicial proceedings by pursuing a civil concern outside her job description, to target Trump.

The late Monday ruling, which accused Trump of inflating the price of his properties to obtain loans from banks during his business days, inadvertently labels top US banks as incompetent in the execution of due diligence before loan issuance.

Trump, in his response, called the ruling a clear witch hunt, adding that all partner banks and insurance companies have the statutory obligation of conducting independent assessments as part of their due diligence before issuing a loan. All loan debts, according to Trump, have been so far settled without any recorded default or delay.

Letitia also horrendously devalued Trump’s historic Mar-a-Lago mansion to $18 million—a figure that would land Trump in jail for tax evasion, had he done it himself—unfairly denying him any chance at trial.

Pathetic as it appears, the alleged charges would mark over a dozen legal actions hurled at Trump by the embittered attorney since he became president in 2016. Trump had called Letitia’s actions “a reckless, pernicious, public and unapologetic” vendetta mission with the clear goal of “destroying him personally, financially, and politically.”

Following the ruling, mainstream media became awash with hit pieces vilifying Trump, while ignoring key findings from the House Committee investigation into Joe Biden’s corruption trails in Ukraine and China. A leaked memo last week showed orders from the White House instructing mainstream media not to cover the Joe Biden family investigation except in cases where “lack of evidence” is presented as a leading story.

With a surge in illegal migrants, and attendant major crimes rising over 22% in New York, per an NYT report, Letitia’s fixation on Trump at the expense of suffering taxpayers, is described by many as an ill, crass, and utterly condemnable behavior requiring rapid remedy.

Trump, who currently stands as the most likely to win in the 2024 presidential election, will appeal the decision, dealing another blow to his finances as he goes up against rigging-savvy Democrats.

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