Controversial Nigerian ruler, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, yesterday jetted off to France in the wake of another deadly terrorist attack against Christians in the North-central region of the country.

Viral videos of the attacks which took place in Mangu LGA, Plateau, Jos saw thousands of Christian’s flee their homes as terrorists defied the state government curfew orders to burn alive a family of five, and behead multiple others. Two churches and multiple Christian homes have been reportedly burned down since the attacks began over 48 hours ago.

Locals who took up weapons to defend themselves bearing the failure of the military were met with resistance from armed men, fuelling concerns of the involvement of the predominantly Islamic military force in the Jihadist attack.

Recall that Nigeria over the last five years have “reintegrated” thousands of captured Boko Haram into its army and police force while releasing many others back into the society.

The massacre at Mangu is the latest in a series of Islamic terrorist attacks plaguing North Central Nigeria. Over the last decade, Fulani herdsmen and Islamic terrorists have killed over 50,000 Christians making Africa’s most populous nation the sixth most dangerous place in the world for Christians to live.

Terrorists continue to have a field day under President Tinubu, whose trip to France in a time of national distress has been described as callous and grossly insensitive. In less than a year since assuming power, the controversial leader has destroyed what’s left of Nigeria’s economy, borrowing recklessly off a critically depleting national treasury, hiking corporate taxes, driving legacy multinational companies off the nation and plunging her local currency to the third worst position on the continent.

Israel in its ICJ trial recently highlighted the terrorist attack on Christians in Nigeria, but there still remains no sign of action from the UN, the US its biggest sponsor or France —the regular host to President Tinubu. The UN must give heed to the plight of Christians in Nigeria much as it has done for Palestine and Hamas since their October 7th terrorist attack.

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