Credibility issues at CNN
It was show of shame watching the Cable News Network (CNN) and their mainstream media cohorts #USA attempt to disparage their President and put him on trial on global stage while speaking to the press hours ago #Helsinki. It’s unprecedented for pertinent issues of interest to be jettisoned in a Press Conference of magnitude; between two major global powers for mundane issues such as whether or not President Putin had any dirt on President Trump:
“Mr. Putin, do you have any dirt on Trump?”.
Quite shameful. Of course, the question was greeted with thunderous laughter by onlookers in the room. The world laughs at the stupidity of CNN and their type who reduce journalism to a tool for political witch-hunt and a platform to openly fight their President; not minding the international arena, while serious global issues beg to be addressed. It’s obvious that the once revered global leading news network company CNN has degenerated into an apparatus for personal gratification. Anyone who listens to CNN International and cannot recognize their obvious bias needs serious help. It is impossible to ever hear anything good said about what President Trump is accomplishing. Every possible fault, either real or imagined about President Donald J. Trump is over flogged. Facts are twisted and manipulated with wild speculations and conjectures added. Indeed, it is disparaging to see many #CNN news hosts speak in the same condescending and sarcastic manner which points to an epic compromise of integrity.
As a major western News media CNNed is advised to return to the fundamental ideal of reporting news in a manner that is not selectively subservient to someone irrespective of the fellow’s pedigree and most importantly embrace constructive criticism. They should introduce more educating programs in the interest of the public and stick to the ethics of journalism which is premised on objective reportage.
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