It is no longer a case under investigation that China is unapologetically notorious for the production and distribution of fake, substandard and harmful products. The list is endless from food items to drugs, electronics, household appliances, gadgets toys, machines etc. China has a lowered standard and quality version for virtually anything one can think of that is capable of being produced. What is alarming is the fact that most of these products as listed are potentially life threatening if not used properly or if their fake types are used. More painful is the fact that underdeveloped and developing countries such as in Africa are the usual recipients of these products as they are characterized by lax regulatory laws, porous border and port control and sloppy regulatory standards. These goods are dumped enmass, they flood the market and are used to suffocate local industries.

The international organizations who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives in the world today have done little or nothing about this issue and this is really sad. They are mute to this menace and responsibility is left for every country to withstand and fight off the pressure according to their respective strength whether they are capable or not.

It is very unfair that the world knows that China has no respect for human lives since they have extended their counterfeiting gestures to consumables and yet they do nothing. Can’t China be sanctioned or banned from shipping these products. Why are international organizations feigning ignorance to this inhumane act of China when most of their member countries are victims to the Chinese mayhem? Is China now stronger than UN, EU and other international organizations. Yet they continuously convene to discuss issues that are of little or no impact compared to what disaster China is causing in the whole world.

One begins to wonder if the world awaits the commencement of a nuclear program by China before alarms can be raised and sanctions imposed? What lethal arsenal is greater than the countless array of fake products shipped to countries resulting in devastating effects on human lives? Of course it will be of no surprise if China eventually begins to tow the line of Iran and North Korea in developing nuclear weapons seeing that the world is turning a blind eye and nothing is being done about their ill gotten wealth amassed from the sale of millions of fake products.

Are International organizations unaware that a carcinogenic synthetic type of rice known as plastic rice is being shipped by China? The product is capable of resulting in cancer when consumed and has presently claimed many lives, adding to the toll of people diagnosed with cancer in most developing countries.

Are they also not aware of the numerous fake and less durable electronics and accessories sold with mendacious advertisements and fraudulent guaranty claims that causes fire outbreaks, destroying lives and properties when used in households? What of consumables, such as food items and drugs that have direct impact on human lives? Isn’t there international standards and regulations for the production of such commodities.? If yes, why is it not strictly enforced in economically disadvantaged and underdeveloped countries?

A typical example that comes to mind is a certain drug called Gentamicine. The original Gentamicine is sold at drugstores at a rate of approximately $8.6 but upon investigation, it is discovered that a certain fake imitation of Gentamicine produced by China is found in the market which is sold at a subsidized rate of approximately $1.4; this can be found in markets of developing countries such as Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun, Ghana etc. China has capitalized on the porous borders and ineffective regulatory laws of these countries as well as the high poverty ratio and low income available to citizens of such countries to exploit them. The health implications of such imitations in a sensitive drug such as Gentamicibe could result in deterioration rather than amelioration of the ailing individual. When such drugs are used in treatment they are suboptimal and lack potency or efficacy which may result in drastic complication of the illness and even death.

This piece seeks to call out to international organizations and international regulatory bodies to turn their attention to this man-made endemic. Stricter regulations and generally applicable regulatory standards should be enacted and compliance enforced especially amongst poor nations that can hardly defend themselves from the aggressive and selfish exploitation by countries such as China.

The relevant international agencies and bodies need to know that most of these countries affected have leaders that are selfish, greedy and careless. Leaders that have sacrificed the interest of the people they rule on the altar of greedy gain, selfish interest and insatiable power crave thus, the plight of their citizens is of little less concern to them.

Although it is a known fact that some wealthy importers in countries such as Nigeria travel to China to request for such low quality products, the onus lies on China to say no to such requests and to prosecute such people with charges equivalent to murder so as to maintain their integrity. After all, such is never obtainable in countries like US, Japan, Germany, Israel which are also manufacturing countries like China. The condescending and connivance attitude of China implies that they are as corrupt and wicked as the individuals they do such deals with.

International organizations, UN, EU, ECOWAS, POTUS, Nigeria government, Human Rights organizations etc. are hereby called upon to stand and act against this unfair, wicked and deadly act of China because it is a threat to the lives of human beings which they were instituted to protect.


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