With just 3 years into his presidency, President Donald J. Trump has proved beyond doubt that he is the greatest President to ever govern America.

Before the ravaging Corona Virus which affected all global economies, the United States economy hit an unprecedented high and stood tall, over and above all economies in the international system. Unemployment in the U.S was at a record low, the stock market broke records on daily basis and manufacturers returned to America producing made in America goods again. It’s a known fact that no President in history of the United States has recorded such extraordinary success within just 3 years in office.

Consequently, it’s only fitting and proper to give honour to whom honour is due and commend the 45th President of the United States Mr. Trump for this uncommon achievement.

America, under President Trump’s administration has recorded significant progress in diverse sectors and these include increased wages, biggest tax cut in U.S history, rebuilding the military with more than $1.5Trillion, building the border wall etc. 

Though, the pandemic brought lots of criticisms against President Trump due to some challenges faced in containing the spread of the virus. These criticisms have not been constructive and are highly unacceptable especially since we are in unprecedented times. No one anywhere has seen a pandemic as deadly as the coronavirus in the recent past.  This is not a time to apportion blames or criticize unrealistically. It is a time to work together to ensure the world heals from this pandemic as soon as possible.

And in fairness, Trump has done exceptionally well in handling the pandemic compared to other countries. He was the first leader in the whole world to close borders with China even while House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden clamoured for a party in China. Within weeks of the outbreak in U.S., machines were manufactured in America and by Americans to step up testing.

Today, the U.S. has the highest test records in the world; over and above the entire countries in the world combined. Unfortunately and sadly, the mainstream media never reports this.

Trump has been at the forefront of ensuring the safety and security of America and Americans and it is only wise to give the needed support. 

The great people of America are hereby advised to stand up for their president in his campaign as the election season approaches. 

The great records by Trump’s administration are glaring and must be sustained for the best interest of America in the next four years.

This is not to say that President Trump is perfect but anyone who does outstanding work must be honored. He deserves a second term in office so America’s glory as the most powerful nation in the world would remain non-negotiable.

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