The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers

By updating in real time, it helps project managers run a team of remote employees with ease. Open, private, and employee/email domain-based workspaces contain Apps, files, templates, comments, tasks, built-in meetings and chats, and more. Airtable is a highly customizable tool for detail-oriented remote teams who like to stay organized as they collaborate. Perfect for centralizing and indexing tasks, here at Memory we use it to collect and prioritize feature pitches for our products. Part spreadsheet, part database, you can use Airtable to organize your work however you want – whether it’s to plan editorial calendars or project management.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Articles are intended to provide users of the EURES portal with information on current topics and trends and to stimulate discussion and debate. Their content does not necessarily reflect the view of the European Labour Authority (ELA) or the European Commission. Furthermore, EURES and ELA do not endorse third party websites mentioned above. Create content together with your team and never worry about losing data with the almighty Google Docs. At the time of making, all the tools in the list have a free-forever option. When working remotely, one of the most crucial factors to success is keeping on track with the working progress, and using Trello is a handy way to do it.

Time management tools

Any conversation regarding a certain topic stays on a single page so everyone can view them and keep up. You can set notifications to reach only people involved with the topic to avoid distracting others. Check-ins are one of the most effective ways to connect and collaborate. It’s a place for problem-solving, working through deadlines, and just seeing how the other person is doing.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Users can also take advantage of its robust search engine, security options, and the free 15 GB storage capacity. Google Drive is a free yet powerful solution for users with Gmail accounts. A team can collaborate on files depending on the permissions granted to its members, from word documents and photos to music and video file types.

Remote scheduling tools

There are boards to keep tasks organized, lists to schedule tasks, and cards to represent tasks in a project. Trello aims at keeping everyone accountable in a project, and you can assign members to cards or tasks, set due dates, and leave comments. Any software solutions that let remote teams collaborate, connect, and work together are referred to as remote work collaborations tools. Some of these technologies (such as project management tools) were previously only available in offices, but they can now be utilized remotely too. You can benefit from its collaboration features like task management to create, assign, and monitor tasks; you can also upload and share files with your team members.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

An active team communication platform like Slack can help you feel like a valuable part of the team as opposed to a nobody toiling away in isolation. Our top recommendation for a web-based time zone converter is Every Time Zone. It keeps time zone math simple and beautiful, with a slider-controlled visual timeline. You can visualize time-zone differences for any date and even share links to specific event times without signing up for an account. Creating an account, however, gives you full control over timeline customization. If a provider claims to offer “24/7 support,” make sure you know which channels are actually available 24/7–and study the quality of self-help knowledge bases.

What is remote work collaboration?

Plus, they’re often geographically dispersed, which increases the importance of having up-to-date documentation about ongoing projects that keeps everyone on the same page. If you read the InVision Blog, chances are you already know that designers and developers prefer to work from home. Xtensio, a creative collaboration platform, lets you develop living documents, collaborate with internal & external teams, and share your work in different formats. Communicate with your team members in real-time, gather feedback, and take your projects forward. It can even sync your existing calendar with your personal work calendar so that no meeting falls through the cracks. is one of the top project management solutions currently on the market. If your team isn’t too large then the pricing should still be within reach. Filestage, a document-sharing platform, offers unlimited file storage on the platform. You can add attachments to comments and track file versions until the final approval. Its review reminders ensure that you never miss a deadline and complete deliverables on time. To manage remote teams, you require a tool that helps streamline team activities and makes working remotely hassle-free.

collaboration strategies to unlock your team’s potential

It helps your team be more organized and agile by bringing together traditional files and cloud content into one place. Dropbox provides a singular platform where you can easily access and share files from your desktop or mobile device. You can synchronize all your projects and integrate the tool with other collaboration tools for remote teams, such as RingCentral, Microsoft, or Zoom, without leaving Dropbox. The tool is designed to let teams organize, track, and manage their work. It is complete with video calls, project tracking, and handy integrations such as to-do lists, reminders and direct requests as its core features.

Can I collaborate with external users using Teams?

In the Teams admin center, expand Users, and then select External access. Under Teams and Skype for Business users in external organizations, ensure that the organizations that you want to collaborate with are not blocked.

ClickUp is the centralized work hub built for the way today’s teams want to work. When you follow certain rules for communication, the conversations get short but effective. This saves time, prevents distractions, and gets the message across clearly.

Besides, there are ready-made professional templates available for different categories of planning. Jotform is a platform where you can create online forms effortlessly through the form builder wizard. Cybersecurity is the primary concern in remote working, as remote work devices have become cybercriminals’ favorite targets. Once remote work devices are hacked, cybercriminals can get access to sensitive corporate data. Since remote work is completely based on technology, any issue in the technology can disrupt remote work temporarily.

Is Google collaborate free?

Stay connected with secure video meetings and Chat, and collaborate on Docs, Sheets, and Slides using 15 GB of Drive storage for hundreds of file formats including Microsoft Office files. There is no charge for you or any team members you invite.

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