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It is rather unbecoming and ironic for people to look the other way in a very glaring issue. The uproar concerning President Donald J. Trump ‘s response to the interview of LeBron James, the American professional Basketball player and Don Lemon on CNN is uncalled for. It is obvious that the interview was staged to discredit President Donald J. Trump .

Don Lemon CNN called POTUS insane and unstable and is also known for falsely accusing him. LeBron James called him a bum and said he cannot sit in a meeting with him. CNN has been known for discrediting President Trump and also a foundation and safe haven for people of like minds like the duo mentioned. However, when President Trump responded to them in their own coin, it became an issue.

Don Lemon who called the President of the most powerful nation in the world unstable and insane has records that are nothing to be proud of for instance, Columbia Journalism Review in 2014 listed him as the worst journalist of that year, compared a kid to a dog, connived with a lady to accuse President Trump of rape in one of the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations coupled with the attribute of raising false charges against the president.

For LeBron James to say that President Trump who has proven to have the welfare of the #Americans at heart and has achieved within a short time what past governments could not, is dividing the Americans and unreasonable. More so, who is #LeBron James to turn down the offer of meeting with Trump if given the opportunity?
What has he achieved to say such concerning a man that has achieved so much and still achieving even before he was born?

President Trump says things the way they are. Although it might not go well with some people, but he speaks facts unlike some presidents (Barack Obama) that will sugar-coat their speeches but have nothing to offer the citizens who are supposed to be their priority. Gone are the days the #Republicans sit back and watch the #liberals say all sorts of fake thing against them. President #Trump is a man that stands his ground, that is why he stands for and defends the Americans anywhere and anytime and that is also why the Americans love and voted him. America did not regain its lost greatness by keeping mute to false and baseless accusations and instigation from people like LeBron James, Don Lemon and #CNN who were nowhere to be found when the former government was destroying the economy and reputation of America in the global playground. If they think it is time for them to shine their star at the cost of President Trump’s presidential career, it is a pity because they will be having a very bad field day.


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