Sad Obama

It is very unfortunate that American parliament will allow the cheap blackmail of Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN to thrive in commencing the impeachment process of President Trump. Is it not very obvious that the whole accusation by Cohen Trump’s ex-lawyer and some of his aides is stage managed?  Isn’t it glaring that they were bribed to testify against Trump as regards the rigging of election and the involvement of Russia by the Democrats? This is the same case that has been won by Trump in the court and also the Electoral College, yet Obama and his cohorts are hell bent on bringing him down. Worse of all is that CNN has made it a point of duty to ensure that it is achieved. 

Why is CNN accusing Fox News of not speaking out against Trump with regards to the new development? What are they expecting Fox News to say in an unproven and ill planned accusation of this sort? CNN should know that Fox News is a media house of integrity and not like them that are known for propagating fake news. President Trump is human and as such is not perfect but no matter what, Obama is nothing compared to him. He is a great man who has achieved so much and brought America out of economic mayhem into which Obama sent them. He has re-established security and reduced terrorism in America and the globe at large, that which Obama could not do. However, the only achievement that could be attributed to the shameless and devil incarnate Obama is the promotion of same sex marriage. President Trump was voted into office by the Americans because they trust him and he is meeting up with their demands unlike Obama and the Democrats that almost destroyed America.

Americans should not fold their arms and watch President Trump impeached. They should go down memory Lane taking into cognizance where they were during the last regime and where they are now under the leadership of President Trump. They should not allow this group of self-centered, ill-fated, evil-minded and corrupt persons including Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN, Muslims to destroy the salvation brought to them by God through President Trump. America should know that these people are still nursing the wounds of their defeat, struggling like wounded animals that would stop at nothing and would do anything even if it will cost them the whole of America to cover their shame.

President Trump is encouraged to continue his good work no matter the opposition. He should know that rational, reasonable and true Americans are appreciative of his achievements and will always stand with and support him. He should know that all these are masterminded by Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN, Muslims and as such should not lose faith. In the end, the truth and right shall always prevail.


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