Congratulations to #JEWISH Nation of Israel

“In the struggle between right and wrong, there is no neutrality, you must take sides”. This is a very famous saying, but politics has pushed people to embrace #Mediocrity#Hypocrisy, and exalted seats on the fence. Mainstream media like BBC News and CNN have categorized the new move by #Israel in defining Israel as a Jewish nation as controversial.
In fact, CNN International, posits that the move is the final nail on the coffin of Israel’s democracy. This is rather interesting, as their views show how much political hypocrisy and lack of respect to sovereignty has creped into the media.

When #LGBT and #Nudists declare their stand, the media hails them as standing up for their right, but one defining himself as a #Jew or #Christiansends red flags.

Israel is bombed daily by Islamic nations, #CNN does not define it as controversial and worse still they do not publish it. The moment Israel takes a stand as a #Sovereign nation, they are critiqued as being opposed to democracy because of a negligible number of moslems in Israel.

It should be made clear that Israel is not an #Arab state. It is an embodiment of the evidence of existence of GOD, Christ and all that is sacred. A declaration of Israel as a Jewish state is very symbolic and it must not be made about Arabs. Declaration of Israel as a Jewish state does not undermine the Arabs, it is a testament of the obvious.A very critical question is, must the world always recognize or favour arabs, moslems, Islamists in decision making, immigration, etc.? It is high time, Israel is given it’s due recognition and rights to sovereignty. Mainstream media should also bridle its antisemitism and face reality.

A very big congratulations to the Jewish nation of Israel. It is high time the world recognized it and enough with political correctness which licences Islamic nations to enforce political subjugation.

A shame on CNN for arguing the exclusion of equality in the bill, where is equality when the arabs fund Palestinian bombing of Israel or when they form a coalition to annihilate the Jewish nation of Israel. Was equality in play when Islamic nations branded themselves as Islamic nations? Was there equality when mortars and rockets are constantly shot at Israel? What is more important, what should be promoted, equality in name or acknowledgement of the rights of people to the existence and sovereignty? Biased reporting and media reporting must stop.

As Christians are visitors in Arab nations, no matter the status of their nationalism, same goes for Arabs in Christian or Jewish nations. This must be respected.…/israel-nation-state-leg…/index.html…

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