Israel has called for the resignation of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres after surprising remarks blaming Israel for Hamas terror were made by the UN chief. 

In an October 24th press conference, Guterres blamed Israel for Hamas’ terror, adding that “the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.” Guterres justifies the massacre of 1400 Israelis as the result of “56 years of suffocating occupation.” Many experts condemn Guterres’s statement as biased cherry-picking of a convenient historical timeline to favour terrorist actions, given the existence of multi-millennial historical and archaeological evidence validating Israel as the rightful landowners before 1967. 

18 out of 18 Arab nations in the Middle East have so far refused Palestinian civilians entry, underscoring the regional perception of the most active terror population in the region.

Guterres comments follow after the October 10th UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) condemnation of Israel, which sought to excuse Hamas of terror and atrocities. 

In reaction to the declaration, which has been described as disgraceful and devoid of rational decorum or diplomacy, Israel has refused top UN Diplomats entry visas and called for the resignation of Guterres. 

The 74-year-old UN chief who portrayed Palestine as oppressed on the one hand, while supporting French imperialist oppression of Niger Republic, on the other, has been labeled a terrorist-apologist and a morally-bereft hypocrite by Western observers. 

Since 2005, Israel has given up control of Gaza. In the same period, Hamas terrorists have laid siege on over two million civilians, lavishing global aid on weapons purchases and multimillion-dollar tunnels, turning municipal water pipes into battle rockets; and weaponizing schools, churches, and mosques as rocket launch sites, thus sabotaging UN infrastructural development efforts. 

Earlier this week, UN workers observed helplessly as Gaza suffered massive fuel shortages while Hamas stashed away tank loads of fuel for rocket attacks and other terrorist logistics. 

The UN countlessly fails to condemn Hamas in the strongest terms nor take punitive actions for the imprisonment, impoverishment, and massacre of her people for a brutal genocide cause, these past 18 years. 

Armed with the right to defend itself, Israel has vowed nothing short of the total annihilation of Hamas, in a brazen move to remedy Guterres’s ineptitude. 

“Having shown a clear incapacity to tackle terrorism and condemn unwarranted genocide, Guterres must heed the Israeli call and resign,” El Ben Hadid remarks.

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