Democracy Under Attack As Illinois Judge Orders Trump Removal From Ballot

Democracy Under Attack As Illinois Judge Orders Trump Removal From Ballot

Citing the 14th Amendment and in defiance to a recent US Supreme Court ruling, Illinois judge, Tracy Porter, on Wednesday, ordered the removal of US top presidential candidate, Donald Trump, from the 2024 presidential ballot.

The traffic violations and minor misdemeanor judge issued the order citing a recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court which hinges on the bias-prone, partisan-induced opinion of congress members concerning the January 6th Capitol incident.

Porter joins the ranks of New York’s Letitia James and California’s Fani Willis — all black female judges — who share a common goal to cripple Trumps finances and prevent a likely return to presidency in November 2024. The decision, many fear, will lead to a chain of similar reactions across all blue states including those controlled by RINOS.

Trump’s legal team has disclosed their intention to appeal the decision citing the ruling as a breach of the fundamental mental right to choose and be chosen. Recall that the Trump insurrection charge so quoted by Democrats was a tag borne out of the Pelosi-led J6 inquiry, and is yet to be certified plausible by any court of law in the United States.

Currently, Trump battles a alleged tax discrepancy case, a phone rape lawsuit and accusations about possession of classified documents—similar offences for which Joe Biden has been handed the senile pass by prosecutors. Two-tier injustice system is clearly at play in America and can only be stopped when Americans rise above racial, political, religious and social divide to tackle all puppets, puppeteers and perpetrators of injustice.

Democracy is under attack as the 2024 election shapens up to become a battle ground for the soul of America.

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