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@Francois Hollande: WHY ELONGATE WEEKEND WORK HOURS? Is this absolutely necessary???


francois hollande

The recent moves by French supremo Francois Hollande to coerce French Parliament to pass a bill elongating weekend working hours are absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for.

For one, does this bill solve anything? No, it doesn’t. Actually, it complicates matters since it winds up compromising traditional family values of spending quality time together.

We understand this bill is suppose to secularize Sunday; deemphasize religion and all that so we don’t have more religious freaks in the society and open up the economy. But is this what this law really does? Will this law forestall potential Charlie Hebdo tragedy in future? Does it get rid of terrorists? Do you really need a law like this to open up the economy? And what does all this have to do with our precious Saturdays and Sundays? Why don’t the French government leave things the way they are rather than make Saturday and Sunday a bore like Mondays and everyday of the week?

Folks, if we don’t speak out against this iniquitous decree, you all say goodbye to TGIF.

France Moves to elongate Weekend Work Hours

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