Well Done Nigerian President!!!

Well Done Nigerian President!!!

We commend the Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his firm assertive stand in signing the anti homosexual bill into law despite immense pressure from Western countries.

We urge him to resist all manner of pressure from the European Union (EU) and United States to reverse the decision be it economic or political pressure.

Nigeria is a sovereign State and as such reserves the right to make laws for her citizen devoid of foreign intrusion just like the US. The anti homosexual legislation was made by Nigerians and for Nigerians.  Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for Nigeria to make a bold statement in the international system that the days/years of slavery and colonialism are indeed over.

Nigeria must realize that the only way to stay afloat in foreign policy is to be proactive rather than reactive.

Therefore, it is expedient for Nigeria to reiterate her anti homosexual stand on platforms such as the United Nations as well as reflecting it in all of her foreign policy.

Nigerian as the giant of Africa must galvanize other African countries to resist this attempt by the West to usurp the sovereignty of African State.  The days of economic monopoly are over.

Again, if the US and EU are inclined towards cutting aid to African countries, then Nigeria as the leader of Africa must mobilize other African countries to send a clear message to the US and EU that options such as China, Russia and the emerging economies now abound in international relations.

It is important the entire African continent unites in fighting and resisting this blatant attack on the sovereignty of African State because this is the only way they can defeat the heinous habitual enemy.  The EU and US don’t even hold the ace in this game rather we (Nigeria/Africa) do. And ‘we’ must move to checkmate! Well done Nigerian President!!!


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