The resolution of the English Football Association. (EFA) to support Stonewall UK mission aimed at aggressively promoting #Lesbian#Gay#Bisexual and #Transgender (#LGBT) rights and inducing acceptance in English football is sardonic, heavily biased, intimidating and grossly offensive.

The #LGBT and everything they stand for is against the tenets of #Christianity and #Islam – The two predominant religions in #England and the world at large. (See Bible References in Leviticus 18:22-23; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 RSV)

#Football in particular and #Sports in general has expanded beyond the limits of being just entertainment to becoming a #tool and #symbol of unity and togetherness that transcends #Cultural#Social#Racial and ethnic affiliations.

The sanctity of the multiple roles, football has grown to accommodate has been preserved largely by the efforts of the governing bodies to maintain neutrality, focus on the game and respect the right and affiliations of every party involved. When the game which is undoubtedly a source of unity amidst societal differences begins to tilt towards favoring a certain minority to the dismay and detriment of the long established majority, it may begin to loose its power, potential and appeal.

There exists no good intention to this decision other than to publicly dichotomize football between Pro and Anti LGBT supporters, thereby deviating from its primary function; tagging along with a heavily controversial identification and strengthening the potency of the sport to divide rather than unite people as has been the case.

Moreover, the introduction and acceptance of an ugly, unnatural and perverted practice such as the #LGBT into a contact sport such as the game of football would tamper gravely with the psyche, interaction and interrelation of players especially in places such as the dressing room and is guaranteed to litter a litany of emotional, psychological and ideological incongruity capable of rendering it heavily controversial, sub-optimally displeasing and less fun to watch.

The actions of the EFA and other English clubs in support of this campaign only tend to aggressively smear this absurd mentality over the game and shove #LGBT acceptance down the throats of football lovers world over. This is totally condemnable.

This is a call to order to question extensively the actions and intentions of the EFA which packages intimidation as promotion, adulterates football and destroys the very fabric of unity and global engagement the game is known for.

The EPL, the EFA has no business promoting #LGBT and all the controversial amorality it stands for.

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