South Africa’s Support for Terrorist Hamas Exposes Nation’s Hypocrisy

South Africa’s Support for Terrorist Hamas Exposes Nation’s Hypocrisy

A clout-chasing of sorts as Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s Fifth president, adorned the Keffiyeh—a modern emblem of terrorism—together with cabinet members in support of Hamas-controlled Palestine.
The theatrics are reminiscent of US Democrats draping the Kente fabric and taking a knee at the Capitol in solidarity with rioting blacks who destroyed US assets worth $2 billion nationally.

Days later, government-backed activists from the world capital for Xenophobia, will scurry to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to press genocide allegations against Israel. The ruling which, thereafter, turned out to be a fatal blow to Ramaphosa’s ignorance-laden grandstanding, was an opportunity for Israel to school the courts on the history and gravity of the term ‘genocide’ with regards to the Jewish holocaust.

Israel remarked on South Africa’s dutiful ignorance of Hamas’s role in triggering the October 7th, 2023 attack which included the raping, beheading, and kidnapping of innocent Israelis. Labeling Pretoria the legal arm of Hamas—in the likes of Qatar and Turkey both function as the financial and political arm of Hamas terrorists — Lior Haiat, Israel Foreign Affairs spokesperson, further punctured the SA’s argument that Israel’s right to defend itself amounts to genocide.

If for anything, SA’s involvement may well be a violation of its UN Security Council duties which forbids the willful assistance of terrorists by nation states.

A nation of crime and crisis preaches peace

SA further claims that it is open to help mediate a truce between terrorist Hamas and the government of Israel, but its actions, especially the removal of its ambassador from Tel Aviv and the threat to expel the Israeli ambassador in Pretoria, prove otherwise.

Hiding under the legacy of friendship between late freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela, and Yasser Arafat—who ironically acknowledged Israel’s right to exist in the Oslo Accords—Ramaphosa’s ANC party continues to throttle up the odious belief that SA must preserve a supposedly intertwined diplomatic destiny with Hamas and Palestine.

So far, there has been no reaction by South Africa to the killing of Christians by Fulani terrorists in the neighboring country, Nigeria, underscoring its hypocrisy and cheap attempt to garner ephemeral relevance in the comity of nations.

Across Africa, South Africa is joined by Algeria, Djibouti, Tunisia, and Sudan—all predominantly Islamic nations—in support of Palestine. Its position as the most vocal, many believe, is surprising even as 5 of the world’s 20 most dangerous cities are in South Africa nation making it the epicenter of rape, murder, drugs, and xenophobia against fellow Africans.

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