Statistically, it is undoubtedly clear that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) has broken the record as the worst president ever with the highest record of nepotism, favoritism and unveiled tribalism in Nigeria. PMB who earlier in 2015 pledged a commitment to tackle all forms of corruption in
Nigeria has ironically achieved just the opposite with the allocation and appointment of over 80% of close kin and friends as members of his cabinet.While this is detestable and annoying for the average Nigerian, it is also noteworthy that such trends have rippled through many sectors, parastatals, agencies, state and local governments and unfortunately have even permeated into the sacred veils of the Nigerian military.

Under President Buhari, the brilliance, vigor, unity and togetherness of the nation’s line of defense is gradually being eroded by the gross infiltration of corrosive religious and tribal nepotism and cronyism.
Religious and ethnic backgrounds are fast becoming a functional prerequisite for deployment with more
Northern-Muslim soldiers posted to relatively safe areas and whilst those of Southern/Northern Christian descent find themselves in the heat of insurgency and terrorist-prone areas.

This new development which has been described by some as a “strategic genocide” reveals a lot of questions for the Nigerian military as to why soldiers with little or no terrain experience and acclimatization are sent into the heat of the battle to be sacrificed whilst those who know the area are deployed else where. Scores of soldiers have been killed from the insurgency and dozens of others injured with little or no access to quality healthcare, food or even proper befitting burial.This religious/tribal nepotism and the resultant “strategic genocide “ thrives in the Nigerian military
because it trickles down from the Grand Commander of the Armed Forces who sadly has endorsed it as a way to go! So much for fighting corruption.
As for the Christian communities in the country consisting of renowned Bishops, General Overseers,
Prophets, Priests, Reverend Fathers and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), their silence and perpetual folding of arms to the situation at hand is as disgusting and shameful as the hypocritical style of governance by PMB.

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