Long-Term Treatment and Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction 90+ Day Rehab

It is important to remember that everyone’s recovery will look different and some clients will require more time in an inpatient facility. This inpatient treatment might require long-term alcohol rehab, with stays extending to 60 days or more. The therapists in our facility at The Ranch PA have the training and experience needed to help your loved one determine the best length of stay. Additionally, we will explain the need for the length of stay and will work with the client to accept it. When you decide to enter a rehab program for drug or alcohol addiction, you’re faced with many options.

Clients move at their own pace, learning how to live a life without drugs, one day at a time. When making decisions about where to go for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, there are numerous options. Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Sober House For instance, you can choose between an inpatient program, which requires you to live on-site at a treatment center, or an outpatient facility that allows you to continue to live at home.

Why does length of time matter in rehab?

He strives to show them that spirituality can elevate the joy of living. Gateway Rehab proudly accepts insurance to make rehabilitation accessible to our community. Coverage for our services will vary depending on your insurance carrier, however, we are happy to answer questions to help you determine what may or may not be covered. Support system – Not only will you have a strong support system with your medical team and onsite support staff, but also with your peers who are working through similar struggles as you. The environment at Tranquil Shores is designed to make clients feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable for as long as they need to stay. Private accommodations are available where clients can bring their personal belongings to feel more at home.

  • During this time, you’ll be able to strengthen your sobriety skills and identify any potential triggers that can cause relapse.
  • Support system – Not only will you have a strong support system with your medical team and onsite support staff, but also with your peers who are working through similar struggles as you.
  • Prior to changing careers into the counseling field, Thérèse worked in the investment and securities field for over 20 years in sales, management and compliance, and supervisory roles.
  • Aaron has over 30 years of experience in marketing, strategy, leadership and business development .

Give it the time it needs, and before you know it, you will be healthier and more confident than you ever remember being. Outpatient programs are effective for some people, but for many, trying to recover while living at home poses a number of serious challenges. Trying to recover while you’re coping with the stresses of work and home, in addition to struggling with cravings and negative emotions is really hard, and oftentimes unsuccessful. The many benefits of long-term rehab include the ability to focus just on recovery without outside distractions, temptations or stress getting in the way of progress. Additionally, addiction almost always has underlying causes, such as chronic stress, a history of trauma or a co-occurring mental illness.

committed to your recovery

Most IOP groups are at night after normal business hours to best accommodate a work schedule. Babette received her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth. In addition to seeing students individually she provides monthly nutrition lectures and shares up to date nutrition information to enhance the quality of life of our students. We provide our patients with long-term rehabilitation lasting up to 120 days, as well as short-term acute treatment lasting up to 28 days. Our dedicated team of clinicians and behavioral counselors work together to ensure that drug misuse treatment for addiction is delivered with compassion and patience.

Tranquil Shores is one of the best long-term drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida. We capitalize on the sunny weather and the tranquility of our beachfront location to unwind the chaos of addiction. At Tranquil Shores, you can let go of your fears in a calming environment and begin to rebuild a healthier lifestyle. We provide individualized treatment programs to meet your specific needs and goals. One of the first questions you must ask is whether your loved one needs a long-term or short-term rehab program. Long-term drug rehab usually involves at least 90 days in a residential treatment setting – at minimum.

Long-Term Rehab and Treatment Success

Once our patient successfully completes the detoxification, the treatment process can begin. If you treat patients who struggle with addiction, you understand that the recovery process can be a challenging time in their lives. However, with the right treatment and therapy, your patient can restore his or her life and relationships. When it comes to addiction, Lighthouse recommends long-term drug rehab for patients who need more intensive treatment programs. Turnbridge’s long-term rehab programs are broken into three phases of integration. As clients work through the recovery process and show positive skills development, they can advance to the next phase.

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