With few hours to U.S. Mid-term elections, here is what Americans must know:

1. It’s important Americans vote red in their mid-term elections if they want to salvage what is left of their culture and heritage from the ravaging demonic antics of Obama, Clinton and cohorts. A vote for the red will help safeguard American borders from infiltration which would invariably entrench alien cultures in the name of human rights.
2. Under Obama, phrases like “Happy Christmas” in America was deemed offensive; so also the use of the term “God” on the American dollar. The height of this shame was demonstrated when Obama abandoned important issues such as eradication of poverty especially in Africa to devout his effort and energy towards forcing African countries to accept homosexual marriage; while clinching so dearly to his wife Mitchell.
3. Americans must understand the choice before them is that of good and evil. A Republican vote is a vote for humanity. A vote for justice for the Jews whom President Trump restored their eternal capital with the movement of American Embassy to Jerusalem. A vote to continue making American economy great with the unprecedented heights of the stock exchange. A vote that will protect American manufacturers and create more jobs for Americans.
Dear America, the choice is yours. Keep America Great – Vote Republican***

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