Daddy Hezekiah Gives America Thumbs Down on Legalization of Gay Marriage


Renowned religious cleric, His Grace Most Revered Professor Daddy Hezekiah (MFR) has condemned outrightly the recent decision by US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in America.

Professor Hezekiah who doubles as Academician with qualification in various disciplines made his stance known during his Church Pastor’s and Father’s Day celebration [Living Christ Mission] asserting that he does not need Bible to buttress his argument against same-sex marriage.

The Industrial Chemist stated with conviction that the mere definition of the word Sodomite by the English Dictionary is a clear pointer and empirical evidence that the homosexual practice is abominable. He questioned how Americans could claim ignorance of the word when they are the same people that use it [Sodomites] in describing homosexuals and their vulnerability to diseases such as AIDS.

The Professor noted with dismay the situation in which 9 Judges were made to decide [with impunity] the fate of over 300 million Americans. He said the 5/4 decision further shows the divide and fact that many people in America are against same-sex marriage. In his words,

“It’s unfortunate that five persons determined the destiny of over 300 million people. It’s very unfortunate; they could have gone for referendum just like Ireland did. If they had gone for referendum it would be understandable. How can five people decide the destiny of America they call God’s own people? The America that wrote on their dollar “in God we trust”, and five people have just decided their destiny? Does Obama not know the meaning of Sodomites? Does the President of France not know the meaning [Sodomites]? Little wonder he is rated the lowest President since inception of France. Zuma of South Africa that started gay marriage does he not know it [meaning of Sodomites]? They all know the meaning. It is ‘they ‘that put the word in the Dictionary”


His Grace Most Revered Professor Daddy Hezekiah urged all those that love America to continue to pray for America. He urged the Presidential aspirants who are against same-sex marriage not to change their stance because of politics or pressure saying it is better for one to lose election than to lose his relationship/friendship with God.

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