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Nigerian Lives Matter


In many countries, reckless loss of lives often lead to massive outcries which are further propagated by the media till sanctions are given. Are Nigerian lives of less importance to the global community?

Since the assumption of office by President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria, there has been massive increase in corrupt practices, flagrant disrespect for the constitution, oppression, hardship, unemployment, civil unrest, terrorism and most of all, unprecedented loss of human lives; yet the world is calm. At what point would the global community such as United Nations, European Union, International Criminal Court – ICC, United Nations and United Nations Human Rights come to the aid of helpless Nigerians? When would the world hold President Muhammadu Buhari accountable for the genocide of Christians in Middle-Belt, Nigeria? When will every Nigerian family walk the street or go to farm without the fear of being butchered or shot by Fulani terrorists?

While Nigerian politicians are well protected and have the wherewithal to flee the country once the country is embroiled in crises; sadly, same cannot be said for the poor masses. It’s therefore expedient for the international community to intervene timely to save human lives in Nigeria and call their President to order. #SaveBenue #SavePlateau #StopTheKillingOfChristians #NigerianLivesMatter


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