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Daddy Hez

Have you ever wondered how Jesus raised the dead in those epic biblical stories and if they were true? Well, believe it or not Civil Rights International can authoritatively confirm to you that in West Africa [Nigeria], there is a man who raises the dead habitually.

In our previous correspondence, we told you about his philanthropic works. Far more than this, His Grace Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah has repeatedly raised the dead through the name of Jesus.

The man’s miraculous résumé has seen him command the pangs of death to be broken and destroyed even via a mere distress telephone call nevertheless the enormous geographical distance.

The endless list of those he has raised from death include Miss Charity Ekwulonu from Imo, Nigeria whom he raised from death during his days as a teacher at Inland Secondary School Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria.

Also, Eze Anyaegbu (Facebook/ezecutive1@hotmail.com) tells us Daddy Hezekiah made his sister Sylvia Asa Smith (Facebook/Sylvia Asa Smith) who was born crippled and with dreadlocks walk; by mere sign of the cross on her legs.

Victor as he is often called burst into limelight during his University days in Zambia when then President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda invited him to pray for him and his cabinet.

He is known to have destroyed powerful shrines in Southeast Nigeria through the name of Jesus including that in Anambra, Nigeria as well as Umugara, Nkwerre, Nigeria where he built his church.

To read more about this man who raises the dead; heals the sick, blind, lame to walk, stops the rain and destroys evil shrines, please visit www.daddyhezekiahgoldenjubilee.com or www.livingchristmission.com. This unique African, His Grace Most Reverend Professor Daddy Hezekiah (MFR) will be celebrating fifty (50) stainless years in the service of God on 15th October, 2017 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. 

See also, Nigeria’s cheapest/most afforadable private university at www.hezekiah.edu.ng




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  1. Nkem January 24, 2016

    Daddy m oooo, Hezekiah, Daddy m o ka Jehova gozibiga gi oke Daddy oma. I love u and I really miss u a great deal.


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