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According to the latest report on global persecution by Open Doors USA, “one in every nine Christians in the world lives in an area, or in a culture, in which Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished”.

In the World Watch list 2019 report, from the top 50 countries assessed; a total of 1,266 churches or #Christians buildings were attacked, some of them arrested, sentenced or imprisoned and 4,136 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons. On average, that’s 11 Christians killed each day because of their faith.

Certainly, the poor coverage in the mainstream media of hundreds of Christians killed in #Nigeria and many other countries on frequent rides are not inclusively captured in this report.

Nigeria, #Afghanistan#India#Pakistan#Sudan#Yemen#Libya#Iran#Eritrea#Somalia etc have ranked high in the killings and persecution of Christians by radical #Muslims. The continuous violent and destructive behaviour of these Muslims against Christians in the world is no longer a hidden truth. More disturbing is the unalloyed support giving to them by the international community namely, the United NationsEuropean Union – EUAfrican Union etc.

When a single Muslim is killed, the world standstill, the international community abruptly reacts by sending in their condolences and goes further to mobilize huge aids but when hundreds and thousands of Christians are killed like in #Northern #Nigeria, it attracts no single attention from these world bodies. This is total deceit and act of cowardice. Why is the international community vehemently supporting Muslims to gain occupational territorial integrity in countries not belonging to them? Does it mean that #Islam is now stronger than the United Nations and other world bodies? The bloodletting, killings and bloodsucking nature of this radical Muslims in many parts of the world is so glaring to all.

Consequently, it is high time #UN#EU#AU, mainstream media like CNN InternationalBBC NewsThe New York Times are condemned for their support to Muslims.

The United States government ably led by President Donald J. Trump is commended for standing up against the reckless behaviour of this sect of Muslims all over the world. We encourage him to continue their unflinching support and defence for Christians all over the world.

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